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Effective Powder Coating System Solutions

When compared to standard wet paint, powder coating is a much simpler process of product finishing, one that is much more forgiving especially in manufacturing and mass production environments. Once plant is installed, automated and optimised it offers ongoing cost savings and a superior finish quality. With decades of experience in the design of powder coat plant, systems and workflows for the effective and efficient application of powder coated finishes, our team are here to propose a solution to maximise your production and lower manufacturing costs.

Powder Coating System Choices

Utilising our core product range and expanded with automated systems, we design and supply bespoke powder coating solutions based on your unique requirements. You may manufacture complex parts in small volume, or could be painting thousands of widgets a day. What we would recommend really does depend on the customer and various operational factors. Simple manual systems can be quite effective if laid out correctly, however it may be simply impossible to paint all the parts you need in a given shift, without expanding premises or investing in more systems.

Our team has worked on many large scale, mass production powder coating projects, fully automated and integrated with overhead and floor mount conveyor systems, and the amount of aspects to consider are immense. Computers and technology are the key to automating processes and increasing efficiency, but they also require a considerable up-front investment for the machinery, which sometimes is unviable with your business operations. With consultation and experience, we can look at the options and recommend a solution which best suits the requirement of your business.

Powder Coating Spray to Waste or Recovery

The application of powder coating is often overlooked as a potential for money saving, but recognising the opportunities and considering the factors could be crucial to efficiency of your manufacturing and processes. In a spray to waste powder coating process, overspray is simply collected by water or filters for disposal, with no reclaiming or recovery of the excess paint. Colours are mixed together and the powder cannot be reused, which leads to increased material costs and wastage. If you are a business that strives to keep impact on the environment, this waste and its disposal may not sit well with your company vision.

In contrast a recovery powder coating system is designed to be able to easily collect excess powder and overspray as it is used. This is often achieved through the use of a collection system, driven by a dust collector or a module that is then removed from the spray booth after spraying. Dust collection and recovery systems are often used on larger powder coating lines, driven by automated conveyor systems. Recovery systems offer significant savings in material costs, but with a higher initial outlay for the system. Which system is best for you really depends on your requirements, and doing the maths is generally a good starting point.

Powder Coating Application & Equipment

With longstanding partnerships and over twenty years of experiences in the powder coating industry, we only supply the best equipment with proven results. We work alongside Gema, Wagner and Nordson to supply the very best application equipment, whether that be a single manual gun or a full automatic multi-gun system. Our team can supply this equipment at very competitive rates, either as a standalone order or part of a full turnkey installation. For larger customers, powder coating solutions can be combined with conveyor systems, either manual or automatic, to reduce the burden of manual handling. Powered or push along, these systems can really increase efficiency in any production environment.

Combining the right powder coating machinery and automation with our core product ranges, spray booths and curing ovens, we really can offer the full solution for your processing environment. In a spray to waste powder coating system, our water backed spray booths are ideal, meeting all industry legislation at the perfect entry point for smaller businesses. Water back booths are the most cost effective capital cost starting point, but we can also supply pricing for a recovery system, with a cartridge or bag filter system. A well designed and engineered spray booth, combined with a box oven or tunnel and a simple conveyor system to convey product could be the ideal solution for you, taking your manufacturing to the next level.

Powder Coating Photos & Video

Our ovens and booths can be supplied flat pack for self-assembly or fully installed, the choice is yours. You are welcome to collect these and any powder coating equipment direct from our Manchester base, or for an additional charge we can deliver it to you. We can also offer a complete installation service that includes delivery, mechanical and electrical installation, service connections and building works. Final commissioning is available to all our customers whether we install the equipment or you do it yourself. One of our engineers will attend site to carry out a full inspection.
The video above shows an example of a powder coating system, comprising of a bespoke water backed powder coating room, Wagner powder coating equipment combined with a curing oven. View more videos through our site and follow us on social media, where we aim to be posting many more project videos in future. You can download our spray booth and oven price list and example operating manuals below.
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