Powder Coat Drying & Spray Bake Rooms

Bespoke Drying Rooms

Typically installed as part of the full package for spray booth and curing oven customers, our drying and spray bake rooms are ventilated areas for the curing of product, post paint and powder finishing. Drying rooms are commonly installed with direct access to spraying areas, and close to ovens, designed and manufactured in the same modular fashion as our other core products. Available as an unheated room, or temperature controlled with a heated air replacement unit to accelerate drying, our rooms are designed and engineered with built in extraction, correctly sized to remove humid air.

Drying & Spray Bake Rooms

Typically a standard drying room would be installed where a product, post powder coat bake or paint spray, needs time to cure in a clean and self-contained temperature controlled or ventilated space. These rooms are generally located and attached directly to the spraying area, to minimise manual handling and increase efficiency. As standard, an unheated room simply draws filtered air from your workshop, with the air passing over the painted product to drive out moisture. Built in extraction is correctly sized for the proportions of the room, removing humid air and reducing drying times. This process can also be accelerated by fitting a heated air replacement unit, typically capable of operating temperatures of between 40 and 80 degrees celsius. Over this temperature, we generally recommend an oven.

Spray bake rooms are single, multi-purpose rooms that are used for the preparation, masking, spraying and baking of the product. Though commonly used in the automotive sector, they are also very useful where space is a premium, for the more low volume customer. Once the item or product is painted, the operator leaves the spray room and switches the room in to bake mode, which adds temperature and ventilation to the room for curing. After a pre-set time the room then automatically cools itself and the operator can return to the room to continue with the next step, whether that be the next coat or removal and starting with the next item. As standard, our spray bake rooms function well at any temperature up to 80 degrees celsius, fully adjustable by a digital temperature control and meeting all health and safety standards.

Drying Room Photos & Video

Flat pack for self-assembly or fully installed, the choice is yours. You are welcome to collect direct from our Manchester base or for an additional charge we can deliver it to you. We can also offer a complete installation service that includes delivery, mechanical and electrical installation, service connections and building works. Final commissioning is available to all our customers whether we install the equipment or you do it yourself. One of our engineers will attend site, carry out a full inspection and test, and then show you how to effectively use our rooms.
The video above shows an example of our complete powder coating and drying system, comprising of a bespoke powder coating room and oven. As a guide, you can download our spray booth and box oven price lists below. Contact us today for a bespoke drying or spray bake room quotation.
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